Featured Cuisine of Mardi Gras! Galveston

Mardi Gras! Galveston offers a large variety of amazing food and is a huge part of the overall festival experience! This year we have many of the past favorites returning as well as adding a new Food Truck Park!

New this year: The Food Truck Park at Mardi Gras! Galveston presented by The Houston Food Truck Association, located at 22nd & Strand within the Entertainment district!

Happy Endings Asian Fusion

Happy Endings only specializes in delicious Asian fusion cooking. They have a multi-cultural 100% beef premium hot dog served on their signature Hawaiian-steamed rolls made daily. They are excited to announce new menu items such as: taco baos with a soft clamshell bun that can be steamed or fried. Their homemade egg-rolls are grandma’s recipe and they make one of the best.

The Cuban Spot

As the name suggests, The Cuban Spot is a food truck that specializes in Cuban cuisine. Not only do they serve amazing Cuban sandwiches, but they also have steak sandwiches, burgers, fries and more. This mouth-watering menu has made its way to Texas all the way from Florida. This is a unique eatery that you wont want to miss.

Nom Mi Street

Since 2012, Nom Mi Street has brought wonderful Vietnamese food to the streets of Houston, TX. They serve up sandwiches, tacos, quesadillas, gyros, eggrolls, loaded fries and a to-die-for hash brown melt. This is the perfect food truck to satisfy anyone’s hunger. You won’t want to miss this unique eatery during Mardi Gras Galveston 2017.

OffBeat Eatz LLC

OffBeat Eatz has a mix of classic favorites like burgers, sandwiches, appetizers and pizzas but with an ‘offbeat’ twist. This Houston, TX food truck has conquered the art of making simple food the best it can be. Their ‘offbeat’ twists come from inspiration they have acquired from traveling around the world. Some of their popular menu items include: the old faithful burger, the Tejano burger, fries, truffle fries and the grilled chicken sandwich.

Pounders Food Truck

Pounders food truck has all the classic food that you can’t wait to Pound it down! With an innovative take on burgers, sandwiches and tacos, there’s something for everyone at this place. Two guys with a 20 year-strong passion for cooking have created this food truck to share their food and passion with the public.

Cousins Maine Lobster

Even though Cousins Maine Lobster was founded in 2012, they rose to fame after being featured on the hit ABC series Shark Tank. They opened ten franchises in 2015 alone and are still growing. This unique food truck dishes out fresh Maine seafood, lobster particularly, all across the United States. They have lobster tacos, lobster rolls and other delectable items all at affordable prices.

Buttz Food Truck

Accurately named, Buttz specializes in creative pulled pork deliciousness. Other menu items include: smoked burgers, turkey legs, sandwiches, fries and coleslaw. Buttz started with a passion of cooking that led to the birth of this smokin’ food truck. Buttz uses pecan wood to smoke all of the pork and smell in the air will be sure to lure you into trying something off of this

Foreign Policy Food Truck

Foreign Policy is a food truck that lives up to the promise of having a little bit of everything on their menu. They have everything from their signature donut bacon cheeseburger, to multi-cultural burgers (Korean, Mexican, Greek, etc.), to pitas, chicken tenders, a variety of fries and more. This Houston-based food truck will be here for Mardi Gras Galveston 2017, so you don’t want to miss it.

The options don’t end there…. check out the other amazing items that will be available both weekends! They will be serving a variety of festival favorites that include, turkey legs, funnel cake, corn dogs, chalupas, gyros, tacos, sausage on a stick, frozen lemonade, teriyaki chicken, cotton candy and much more! Located at 21st Street, 23rd Street and 24th within the Entertainment district.

Gomez Catering

Heartland Food Services LLC

Taco Me Crazy

The Pink Company #2

Leisure Time Concessions

Game Time Vendors

Kayelak’s Commissary

Seafood Cajun Concessions LLC

Pop That Chalupa!

Med Chef

Pham’s Concessions

Creole Creajuns

Kandy Brite